Daily Activities

How We'll Spend The Day...

This list is indicative of an average day for a fit adult dog, however, adjustments are made to suit each individual dog.

Please click on any heading e.g. 9:30 - 12:00 GROOMING & PLAYTIME to reveal further details.

The morning starts with a stroll around the beautiful countryside.
Everyone has breakfast served in their rooms.
Depending on the weather, there might be a lot of lounging around in the sunshine or some ball chasing on a windy day.
Everyone out for more walks.
All our guests retire to their rooms with chews and relax watching over the countryside.
The activities change on a daily bais and in accordance with the season but it could be anything from ball to paddling pool mayhem.
All guests are fed in their rooms.
After all that activity it seems only right for the guests to put their paws up and relax...
Gentle Evening Stroll to end the day.
Bedtime biscuits, kiss goodnight and night lights on.
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