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• Terms & Conditions •


Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday Sundays and Bank Holidays

Health & Hygiene

Veterinary Care


Owners must have their dogs vaccinated against:

To keep ALL our guests safe we also request that all our guests have been:

Your Dog's Security

Food & Treats

We believe in offering a balanced and nutritious diet using the recognized leading brand James Wellbeloved. This is an excellent complete dog food and is naturally hypo-allergenic meaning it has:

If you prefer to supply your dogs food from home this is perfectly acceptable, and will be given in accordance with your instructions.

We like to feed the dogs twice a day, with various chews and treats given in between.

We will follow your instructions on how many and which type of treats your dog is used to each day to keep to the routine they are used to at home.

Bedding, Toys & Comfort Items from Home


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