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Clubhouse • Penthouse • Executive

A full day's rate is charged on both arrival and departure days. This means that there is no risk of your dog/s losing their suite if there are unavoidable delays on your return trip.

All our guests are fully insured during their stay with us and the price is inclusive of food, exercise, bedding, treats, and plenty of love and cuddles.

Please Note: All prices are subject to additional UK V.A.T. of 20%

2018 Accommodation Fees

Suite Prices
Per Day 1 Dog Inc. V.A.T 2 Dogs Inc. V.A.T 3 Dogs Inc. V.A.T 4 Dogs Inc. V.A.T
Clubhouse £26 £31.20 £40 £48 £54 £64.80 £68 £81.60
Penthouse £32 £38.40 £46 £55.20 £60 £72 £74 £88.80
Executive £38 £45.60 £52 £62.40 £66 £79.20 £80 £96

Clubhouse Suites

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Penthouse Suites

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Executive Suite

Click here to read more about the Executive Suite.

Hydrotherapy Fees

Each hydrotherapy session is carried out by Jenna or Rachel and lasts 30 minutes. The first session will include an assessment allowing us to structure a programme accordingly.

Hydrotherapy: £20 per session (£24 Inc. V.A.T)

Shampoo & Shower before returning home: £20 per dog (£24 Inc. V.A.T)

Fun Swim: £20 per dog – Number of sessions required (£24 Inc. V.A.T)

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