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• Hydrotherapy is suitable for dogs of ALL shapes and sizes! •

We have been swimming dogs at the Canine Country Club since April 2007. We have had great success with all kinds of dogs with all kinds of ailments, our biggest success so far being Sammy the dachshund, who came to us completely unable to walk due to a back injury two years previous, who now walks well and unaided to the complete delight of his owner who had almost given up hope of ever seeing him walk again.

Our pool is 13ft long, 7ft wide and 4ft deep. The dogs access the water via a gently sloping ramp.

Jenna is a fully qualified rehabilitation hydrotherapist. She specialises in unassisted swimming where your dog will either be placed in the water with the aid of ropes or swim freely if clinically able.

To book a hydrotherapy session for your dog please email us or call us on 01288 331 216.

It has long been established that hydrotherapy is beneficial in the recovery programme for certain injuries in the veterinary field.

Because swimming is a non-weight bearing exercise, recovery can start much earlier following surgery or illness. The warm water and increased range of limb movements help to promote circulation, which aids recovery.

The pressure of the water can have an anti-inflammatory effect, relieving pain and reducing swelling, which results in more comfortable and natural limb movements.

Hydrotherapy is beneficial for numerous conditions including:

Actual swimming time will depend upon the injury and fitness of the dog, normally the first time that a dog swims it will vary between 2-5 mins, gradually increasing over visits up to a maximum of 20 minutes.

Jenna is an experienced hydrotherapist and provides a friendly and individual service tailored to each dog's specific needs.

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